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Luis Smith-Rosario, Founder & Director

Just Solve It Tutoring

Our approach to math and science tutoring is highly personalized. We always begin by assessing the individual’s needs, and then developing a program specifically for that person. All of our math and science tutors are experienced, highly qualified, and professional.

Our math and science tutors have a proven track record of helping struggling students achieve good grades, and helping already-successful students move to the next level.

Not everyone learns math and science best in the same way. That's why our math and science tutors use a wide variety of teaching techniques including math and science "experiments", analogies, visual models, and more. Perhaps most importantly, at Just Solve It, we always pay close attention to the individual student and move at the right pace for him or her. Of course, there is no substitute for good, old-fashioned practice, and we make sure that our students get as much practice as they need.

In addition to helping students with strictly academic problems in math and science, our tutors also offer help for students who hate and fear math and science. Math and science tutoring for these students often involves breaking problems down into much smaller, more manageable chunks, helping the student master each skill, and then gradually building the complexity of the math and science problems up again. Of course, we also approach struggling students with compassion and a non-judgmental attitude. We believe that, with proper instruction, everyone can succeed in math and science, and that being a “late-bloomer” is no bar to ultimate success!

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