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Teenage Students Raising Hands

About Luis

I am Luis Smith-Rosario, the instructor and owner of Just-Solve It Tutoring.  I have been a self-employed math tutor since 1999.  I began tutoring others while I was in high school and continued to do so during college and after my graduation. 

I earned a Bachelor's Degree with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Mathematics from Central Connecticut State University. 

I then worked in business for over twenty years before I decided to earn my certification and teach high school mathematics in Connecticut. My certification is still current.

I taught high school students with great success for over five years before returning to business. 

I established Just Solve It in 2009 because I enjoy working with individual students and helping them succeed in math. 

I have been in the field of mathematical instruction for the past 10 years, alternating work as a classroom teacher and as a private instructor.  I specialize in all levels of high school math, from Algebra I up through Calculus.  Students and clients know me for my in-depth knowledge of all subjects, as well as my ability to explain topics in numerous different ways. I am laid-back by nature and my calm demeanor helps create a supportive, non-threatening environment to learn.  

Years of teaching experience have taught me that students can learn to solve problems, less through rote memorization or rubrics, than by honing their own logic and common sense.  I encourage students to use the skills they already know to further their understanding of new concepts.  By carefully tracing continuities from topic to topic, students solidify their comprehension of prior lessons and fortify a strong comprehension of the new material as well.   

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