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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Payment Methods


  • You can sign in to Venmo and send the payment to my email address. My handle is @justsolveit


  • PayPal (easy way): Please use the button below to pay me online with either a credit card or a PayPal account. After you press the button, you should get a Paypal form. Here's what to put near the top:

    After that, choose one of "Don't have a PayPal account" (to use a credit card) or "Log in to PayPal" (if you have a PayPal account) and follow instructions.


    I never see your credit card number; you only need to trust PayPal with that.

    • Description: the student's name

    • Unit price: whatever you owe

PayPal (preferred method)

  • If you have a PayPal account with a balance, we'd appreciate it if you'd pay me a different way: Login to your PayPal account and click the Send Money tab. Put my email address in the To field, fill in the amount field and choose "I'm sending money to family or friends." This should avoid PayPal fees.


  • We also accept payments via Zelle.

Check/bill payment from your bank

  • We also accept payments by check. Please make the check out to Just Solve It.


  • Cash is great, preferably in person. Please make sure I note your payment before you leave!

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